Looking to work with banks/dumps/cc receiving and cashing out of funds in Canada

19 Фев 2021
Hello nice forum, I'm here to leave a short message about finding someone who is looking for a guy in canada that can make accounts (banks) and help cash out funds from logs or any other means you have that you need help with. I've found people this way before that we worked on logs and cashing them out, as of now i should say I don't have drops ready but I can make them with the right amount of information or log into accounts in the right location with a real sim and device to drain accounts. Thanks and hope everything is good. First message through PM in the forum. Of course this account is fairly new but I have older accounts on all the other shadow forums. I have everything needed to do instore carding just need the right dumps and would rather work on banks, im definetly willing to be very generous towards someone with the right materials and info for me thanks.

Dont worry if you come to me i have the stomach for anything if it has to do with money.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. "
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